The Powerful Minds Project

Empowering our youth through mindfulness, confidence, and resilience.

What the project is all about

Powerful Minds Project is a non-profit program for youth ages 7-9, focused on creating a safe space to empower the youth of today to create mindful habits, self-awareness, and develop coping skills to manage stress, anxiety, and related behaviors resulting from these emotions.

This 6-week course is rooted in the three pillars of Womeness – mindfulness, movement, and community impact. Recognizing that each child learns in their own unique way, we incorporate the various types of learning styles — visual, kinesthetic, social, solitary, aural, and verbal — in our course curriculum to provide a safe, welcoming environment for all learners. Each child will learn and grow with their peers in a group setting led by trained community advisors.

Backed up by research and designed by an experienced team including a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, each week is thoughtfully put together with a specific theme in place supported by readings, videos, activities and projects, movement exercises, meditation, and journal prompts.

Powerful Minds Project is focused on the sustainability element of growth within children by providing resources and tools for parents, organizations, and schools, in addition to children, so that each child may continue to strengthen their mind, coping skills, and inner-guidance. 

Powerful Minds Project will be launching Summer 2021!


We are looking for sponsors to help empower our youth! Interested in being a sponsor? We depend on the support of our community to create a space where every child has access to resources that will unlock their own potential by strengthening their mind, coping skills, healthy habits and inner-guidance.

Your tax-deductible partnership will go towards making this program accessible to all children in covering the cost of books, journals, and other resources included with each child’s signup. 

Powerful Minds Project is affiliated with Womeness Community®, a certified 501C3 non-profit dedicated to empowering women through mindfulness, movement, and community.

Together we can.

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